Currency converter – latest exchange rates

Currency rate – is a very important sign of world's economic stability, useful for business matters and interesting to all individuals. The main pairs of currencies are shown at the websites of many financial institutions for a reason.

Currency converter

On-line converter Ex-Rate allows data calculations of 96 currencies. Most of the quotations are done through the currency pair against dollar. To find out the currency rate you just need to indicate the necessary amount of currency units and chose the required currency. Information is updated daily: online converter's database collects the updated numbers pronounced by the central banks according to the algorithm and just can't miss the changes.

Personal online converter: how to inform your readers about the current exchange rate?

The result of conversion is shown on a new page, which has a constant address. Moreover, for further reference to the page, the value will be updated automatically according to the official currency rates.

The link with a result can be used in your own website or social network sites. You are also able to upload our widget to your website and the users will have an opportunity to use the converter without leaving your website.