Will help to find out the exchange rate for today

Exchange rates can change every single day, sometimes even hourly, as it has never happened in this world, that all existing currencies were stable towards one another for long period of time.

Currency converter

That's why it became so important to have a chance to know the updated exchange rate. For some people it helps to figure out the amount of money necessary for a trip abroad, the other one can make a successful deal after careful data analysis. Some people can actually earn good money, having monitored in time the development and making right decisions. At the same time you no longer need to run to the nearest bank in order to learn the current exchange rate: you can easily do it sitting at home with a laptop and using only one website.

Online converter Ex-Rate gives you such an opportunity

Now, you can find out the exchange rate of currencies from 96 different countries inmatter of seconds right from your home or office. Here you will find the latest and recent data, as recalculations are performed basing on the official quotations of international currencies with daily update.

In the result of conversion a separate page with a result is created, and its link will be valid in future as well. It means that you can click the link any time and check the latest exchange rate, which will be updated automatically under the same address.